What Happened to all those Adoptable Homeless Cats?

What Happened to all those Adoptable Homeless Cats?

Six of the abandoned cats have been adopted. It took two years. The last two cats were adopted just in time before we moved. I kept two. A few cats were feral and each suddenly disappeared.


Callie was adopted.

Oreo chillin'

Oreo was adopted.

misty march 2016

Misty was adopted.


Willow was adopted.


Coal was adopted.


Walter was adopted.

Unfortunately, these two cats, and a couple others disappeared. Some of the feral cats were related to the original group, others not.


“Lucy” was feral, and we found out she had already been spayed. The last time we saw her she looked sick.


Sunny was just starting to trust people, so we hope he was taken in by another neighbor. But we’ll never know.

Please spay and neuter your cats!

Adopt from a local shelter or rescue group like Community Concern for Cats.