Teri Stoddard

Teri Stoddard

I recommend Teri without reservations. I have known Teri for approximately 10 years as colleagues.

Teri inspires those around her with her remarkable energy, effectiveness and dedication to her work . She tackles projects directly and positively, has excellent organizational and motivational skills, and is very adept at networking.

Teri is mature in mind, heart and soul and will add immeasurably to your team.

Richard Weiss, Associate Professor at Auburn University

Teri is a detail-oriented multi-tasker who is a self starter, willing to go above and beyond in efforts to meet deadlines and accomplish stated goals. Teri is thoughtful, compassionate and team oriented — a reliable and trusted colleague.

Barbara Fitzsenry, Web Designer/Consultant

Teri is an exceptionally skilled communicator who is very organized, detailed and prompt. Any organization so fortunate enough to have her will soon realize her skills as a professional and her integrity as a human being.

Michael Conzachi, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments Domestic Violence Legislative Project

Teri has a gift. She makes people feel wonderful, draws out their true essence and passion and then captures it in words.

In the years I have known Teri she has shown a solid work ethic and determination to get things done. I have never hesitated to ask her to do difficult assignments because I know she can handle it.

Adryenn Ashley, Creator/EP of “The Reel Deal”

Teri Stoddard is not only an efficient and prompt manager of projects, she is also a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without hesitation.

Wendy McElroy, Writer/Editor

Teri has a warm way of connecting with a variety of individuals with diverse needs.

Hilary Madsen, Health & Healing Counseling Services

Teri is very well organized and follows up on issues. She is a great leader and also a great team member.

Jack Frost, Software Engineer


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