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 ~ Integrity and karma lover. Equalist. Centrist.teri400 no lanyard

~ Advocate for children and families. Expert on shared parenting and domestic violence. Former lobbyist.

~ Native of beautiful northern California.

~ Mother of four. Grandmother of two. Single.

~ One dog. Two cats.


Child Care and Respite Care

teri1978Former day care provider and foster mom, co-founded the Respite Center for Women and Children, later called the Respite Center for Parent and Child. Single moms and dads enjoyed low cost child care, peer support, and family focused activities. Through county social service, we kept families together by providing respite care to parents at risk of losing children to foster care. We provided on-the- job training to at risk high school students. 

Shared and Equal Parenting

queenWhen I was a day care provider I had equal parenting families for clients. We found a nice way for children to transition between households, and it was very convenient for the adults. A parent assumes custody when they pick the child up from the day care provider on the first evening of their parenting time, then a few days later the other parent assumes custody when they pick the child up on the first evening of their parenting time. The 5 days/5 days/2 days/2 days schedule was preferred because both parents had custody the same number of weekends. I watched these children flourish, with their divorced parents equally involved in their lives, and getting along.

spw imageI organized the lobbying group California Women for Shared Parenting and gave testimony for California Shared Parenting bill AB1307. I switched my moniker from Feminist4Fathers to the Queen of Equality after N.O.W. lobbyists killed several shared parenting bills. I’m now a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. My website Shared Parenting Works offers free parenting plans.

Domestic Violence

dc capitolFormer Communications Director and Program Director for non-profit organizations Stop Abusive and Violent Environments and the Center for Prosecutor Integrity, I lobbied Congress and California state lawmakers for all victims of domestic violence. I spoke on false allegations to an advisory committee to the Office on Violence Against Women, and I’m quoted in college textbook on alternative viewpoints on domestic violence.

Child Support

If you blink you’ll miss it… I”m in Angelo Lobo’s wonderful documentary on child support, “Support? System Down.” I provided public relations for peaceful parents’ rights activist John Murtari when he went 123 days without solid food or water in an act of non-cooperation during his incarceration for unjust child support charges.

Boys and Men

Proud member of “Prominent Women Championing a White House Council on Boys and Men.”

Single Parents 

With love and dedication, and thanks to word-of-mouth, I grew the #1 Yahoo group for single parents. There’s now a group on Facebook.


VIDEO0182_0000001800I was the first person to tweet that Jaycee Lee Dugard had been found. I wrote a popular news series on her being found for

My articles on shared parenting, domestic violence, parental alienation and more can be found on National Family Rights Politics / San Francisco Bay Area Family Life, as well as other websites like ifeminists, Blogcritics, and Op-Ed News.


IMAG0791_1Hanging out with family, friends, and pets. Enjoying the sunshine and beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area.




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  1. Richard Cassalata M.Ed., ABD says:

    Great work! I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of our research team at the Men’s Rights Group of Arizona. Looking over your site and blog, your writing is very impressive and to the point. Thank you again for standing up for true equality.


  2. teriincali says:

    Thank you Rich!

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