Real Women Support Shared Parenting, and Sign This Petition

LADIES, this petition is for you. It seems that Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and Senator Tom Lee think that only men care about parenting rights, shared parenting in particular. Let’s show them how mistaken they are!

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2 comments on “Real Women Support Shared Parenting, and Sign This Petition
  1. Sherri says:

    Plz ! Our children need both healthy parents , dad n mom to co- parent .
    Enough of women n some men using children as pawns n a check .
    Enough of lawyers getting thousands that should of went to a child , enough of faulse vindictive moms laying around n not bettering selfs cause dads bleed money ,
    Enough of Money checks coming in n losing 5 cent raise every time she finds out ,
    Enough of ( mine) manipulation’ Lieing ,
    Enough of baby’s being killed by bf cause daddy doesn’t know where his baby’s live any more !
    Do I need to go on ?
    Change the laws
    50/50 to fit parents n you better make sure faulse allegations to make one unfit don’t happen …
    No child support .
    Each supports while in their homes( stable homes , not with mothers , Freinds , druggies ect !
    Their own homes !
    No co habitations for 1 .5 yrs ( safety of children )
    Sports, school , splits in half ‘
    Who ever has best medical 😉 they splits in half !!!
    Shared everyth !
    Even day care with other parent 1 st before outside assistance !
    Forced to learn life skills !
    You will see a lot less divorses n cheating and pregnancy 😉
    If they fill they can’t gain monies for self ‘

  2. Eddie Bailey says:

    I am going through the same thing with the mother of my child. It is ashamed that the child is the one that ultimately suffers!!