Our families deserve a better way, a better VAWA

better vawa

UPDATE Feb. 28, 2013: S. 47 has passed the Senate and House.

With all of the political football going on, with VAWA (the Violence Against Women Act)  being the ball, you’d think that someone would score a few points. Like many of you, I assumed that each side wanted to offer the most comprehensive abuse bill possible. But That’s not what happened. Both sides have fumbled!

While the GOP rejects identifying special interest groups (like LGBT), they are just as guilty as the Democrats of ignoring the discrimination of abused men, 40% of all seriously injured victims. VAWA must be made 100% inclusive!

With 10% of survey respondents reporting that they’ve been a victim of a false allegation of child abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault, we need a VAWA that puts an end to this devastating crime. I have yet to see it.

The GAO has made it clear that better accountability is needed to track VAWA funding. Remember, the waste, fraud and corruption is money that came out of our pockets. Let’s make sure our money is spent wisely.

Two thirds of respondents of a nationwide survey reported that they favor a reform of VAWA.

  • 69.5% support reforming VAWA to curb waste and fraud.
  • 63.5% support reforming VAWA to stem false allegations.
  • 65.9% support reforming VAWA to end discriminatory practices.

We are the majority. Tell your lawmakers what you want! And tell them RIGHT NOW!

(The vote could be as early as Tues, Feb. 27. So when I say “right now” I mean RIGHT NOW!)

Call 202-224-3121 or find your representative by zip code here: house.gov