My New Big Boss is Hot!

bbof169689-ddI recently ordered the Big Boss Oil-less Fryer via for $79 with $2 shipping. It arrived this morning.  It came with a stand, a large bowl, two racks which can be used separately or together, tongs for removing the racks, a mesh tray for small items, a large metal ring that makes the fryer taller to accommodate large items like a turkey, a glass lid with temperature and timer knobs, a spray bottle for oil, instructions, and a recipe booklet.

tturkeyburgersThe first thing I cooked in the fryer was frozen potato rounds. I used the mesh tray and made one layer of potatoes. After putting the lid on, I plugged it in, set the temperature and timer, and put the handle in the lowered position to start the unit.

The potatoes cooked in 12 minutes, about half the time it would have taken in the oven. And there was no need to preheat the unit. The potatoes were crispy on the outside, just the way I like them. The first dish with my Big Boss was a success.

Later, my daughter and I cooked frozen turkey burgers in the fryer. As you can see, a lot of liquid dripped into the bowl. One thing I like about it is that glass is easy to clean.

It took a little longer than the 15 minutes listed, more like 20. They turned out really good! We had them on buns with all the fix-in’s.

I’m on the lookout for Big Boss Oil-less Fryer recipes. If you have good ones, please send them to me at If I try them out, I’ll post about it here.