It was a Surprise Wedding!

surprise weddingThis week has been full of joy. For my son’s fifth wedding anniversary, he honored his wife by giving her the beach wedding she has always wanted. And, it was a surprise!

About 30 people took the day off work to join us Wednesday at a private beach in Dillon Beach, CA. Guests made an aisle with ribbon, then gathered in close while the couple exchanged their vows. We had a fabulous reception at a rental house that overlooked the ocean.

surprise weddingFamily members arrived a day early to decorate the house so it would be ready for the big surprise. We brought home-cooked appetizers, a nacho bar and cupcakes, as well as champagne, sparkling wine, and other beverages.

The bride was given several new and beautiful wedding dresses to choose from. She wore a gorgeous long dress for the ceremony. Then she wore two more during the reception: another long dress for their first dance, and a flirty short dress later on.

surprise weddingThe day was filled with romance, and so much love.  The champagne toasts were touching. More than one of their friends mentioned how obvious it was that these two are meant for each other.

I think everyone should do it this way. Instead of having the big party when you first get married, have it after five years. Honor the fact that you’ve been through good times and bad and that you are stronger for it. That is something to celebrate.

surprise wedding