Help End Discrimination of Boys


In announcing the White House Council on Women and Girls, President Obama declared:

“With passion and courage, women have taught us that when we band together to advocate for our highest ideals, we can advance our common well-being and strengthen the fabric of our nation.”

There is no Council for boys. 

That was March of 2009. It’s been five years… Five years that the White House has been discriminating against our nation’s boys.

And it’s not like we haven’t been asking. In 2010, Warren Farrell brought together a bi-partisan group of leading American authors, academics, and practitioners to create the White House Council on Boys and Men. You can learn about the creation here, see the bios of the commission members here, and you can find me among other prominent women who support this effort here.

Every time they’ve approached the President, they’ve been turned away.

So, if it’s true what the president said, above, why is this group being denied equal representation?



Please sign the petition to support a

White House Council on Boys and Men:



6 comments on “Help End Discrimination of Boys
  1. anthony pappas says:

    Equal justice, equal protection, truth and fairness for all.

  2. doreen says:

    equality EVEYWHERE

  3. Jesse Hamilton says:

    An injustice against one is an injustice against all. Either we have equal justice for all, or we have justice for none.

  4. Howard Goldman says:

    Obama has proclaimed himself a feminist. It’s too bad as a feminist he has no interest in true gender equality and doesn’t seem to care about the issues our boys and men face in society. Why does the definition of feminism (gender equality) never seem to transpose into the actions of feminism (ignoring any issues or suffering boys and men face).

  5. Nancy Jenkins says:

    It’s high time boys and men get the justice they deserve after abuse has been in their lives.

  6. Joe Wilson says:

    It’s really all too depressing. I hope people wake up soon.