Feminism is not about equality

My letter about VAWA and feminism was published in The Hill:

In The Hill’s “Progressive groups renew attacks on House Republicans over VAWA” (Feb. 26), UltraViolet co-founder Nita Chaudhary claims, “If [the GOP] were serious about protecting women they would immediately pass the Senate bill. Instead they have, once again, decided to play politics with the health and well being of millions of women and men.”

I hope Ms. Chaudhary doesn’t think that using the word “men” at this point will fool anyone into thinking that UltraViolet or other “women’s groups” (feminist organizations) actually care about male victims. If they truly believe in equality, they would join those who want the Violence Against Women Act to be renamed to reflect the reality that domestic violence is not a gender crime. They would be asking for the entire text to be gender inclusive — not just by adding LGBT and gender identity, but by making sure the discrimination that now exists toward abused men ends. They would be asking for accuracy through accreditation. They would be demanding that abused men (40 percent of seriously injured victims) receive services equal to their female counterparts.

But feminism isn’t about equality, is it?

It’s too bad that ideology has overwhelmed the process of crafting an evidence-based domestic violence bill that puts victims, all victims, first.

Teri C. Stoddard, California

Source: The Hill