Big Boss, Battered Fish Fillets, and Zeppole

fishfilletsFrozen Battered Fish Fillets

The Big Boss instruction booklet lists common foods you can cook with it, including battered fish fillets. I had fillets in the freezer. The directions didn’t say whether they meant frozen fillets or fresh, but I decided to take my chances.

I put the fish in the basket on the bottom shelf (tray, as they call it). Sorry, I don’t remember the temperature. Halfway through the cooking time, which was less than 20 minutes, I turned them over.

I was very impressed with the results. The fillets were crispy all around – no sogginess underneath, like can happen in the oven. I will definitely make these again in the Big Boss.



Tonight I was hankering for something sweet, so I decided to try the Zeppole recipe in my Big Boss recipe book. It only took a few minutes to make the dough on the stove. But my arm sure got a workout.

I put the basket on the lower level and sprayed it with vegetable oil.  The recipe said to drop the dough one tablespoon at a time. My mounds were larger. I set the Big Boss at 450 degrees for 20 minutes and closed the handle to start it.

They sure smelled good! But I should have kept an eye on them. They turned out too dark in some places. Others were still moist inside. If I make them again I’ll use smaller mounds, set the temp lower, and turn it off sooner.