All My Children is Back!

In case you have not heard, the soap opera All My Children is back. I watched this show for 41 years, starting with the very first episode, all the way until the last. It aired on ABC TV channels from 1970 to 2011.

all-my-children_368Today, after seeing the first week of new shows, I am one very happy viewer. I loved seeing Jessie and Angie, Opal, Brooke, and others. And I like the addition of a younger generation to keep things fresh.

There’s talk of even more actors coming back, or doing cameos. That would be awesome!

The new shows are not on TV, they’re on the internet. You can watch for free on Hulu or hear it in audio podcasts from itunes. Each show is half an hour, with new episodes coming out Mon-Thurs.

Friday’s show is great if you’re busy. It’s a recap of the rest of the week, with actor interviews and the treat of old footage.

I loved the old footage. I had no idea how much I missed those characters. It even made me cry.

Don’t want to watch or listen? Read this recap:

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All My Children